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Ct2502 series
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product details
Product Name: ct2502 series cleaning and suction vehicle
Main purpose and characteristics of vehicle

The vehicle integrates multiple functions such as flushing, dredging, sewage suction, sewage reverse drainage, sewage recycling, mud water separation, sludge pressing and dehydration, which can effectively reduce the number of vehicles and personnel and the number of round trips, greatly improve the working efficiency, save time and cost; it is mainly used for sewage, sludge, sand and large block of various underground sewage pipelines, rainwater wells and inspection wells in the city At the same time, it can be used for the suction and transportation of sewage, industrial waste oil and waste water of large-scale factories and mining enterprises, as well as the dredging and dredging of small river channels.
The unique sludge pressing and dewatering system and four-stage sewage circulating filtration system can effectively press and separate sewage and reduce the moisture content of sludge. The tail water can be recycled, which can save a lot of valuable water resources, improve the working efficiency of vehicles, reduce waste discharge and treatment costs;
With a unique horizontal unloading system, the unloading speed is faster, and the dirt can be cleaned out without lifting the tank body. During vehicle operation, it can effectively reduce the risk of vehicles, greatly improve the safety, operation efficiency and adaptability to the surrounding working environment of vehicles;
European type overhead disk suction arm can automatically adjust the length of suction pipe according to the depth of suction materials, and can carry out multi-point free suction and discharge operations on both sides and tail of the vehicle. Remote control operation, 300 degree rotation and horizontal expansion greatly enhance the adaptability of vehicles to the working environment and reduce the labor intensity of operators;
Adhering to the European advanced technology and design concept, the key parts are all from European brands; the vacuum pump of European and American famous brands is selected, with compact structure, uniform air flow, low noise and high vacuum degree, which can achieve self-priming and self draining functions;
The high-pressure dredge pipe guider with patent technology with independent intellectual property rights can effectively reduce the abrasion of the dredge flushing pipe at the wellhead;
Hydraulic open back cover, high degree of automation, can effectively reduce the labor intensity and danger of operators.
With domestic high-quality Dongfeng chassis, mature chassis matching technology, high-power, internationally famous brand engine, it can achieve sewage absorption, sewage circulation, dredging and synchronous work, with higher working efficiency.
Main technical parameters

entry name

main parameter

Complete vehicle

Vehicle name

Multi function combined suction vehicle

Product line

Ct2500v series

Wheelbase mm


Total mass kg



emission standard

Fifth, Sixth

Power kw

257 (Renault engine)

Sludge tank

Tank volume M3 


High pressure dredging and flushing

Water tank volume M3


Type of high pressure pump

Plunger pump (inlet)

Maximum working pressure bar


Flow rate L / min


Dredging Distance m 




Vacuum suction

Vacuum degree bar


Air flow m3/h


Suction time min


Suction head M


European type overhead disk suction arm

The length of the suction pipe can be adjusted automatically according to the depth of the suction material, which can be operated remotely, rotated by 300 degrees, horizontally stretched, etc


Suction, pressure discharge, rear cover

Remote control operation within 50m, including suction and other functions

Emergency safety protection


Install the emergency safety protection switch on the vehicle operation panel to ensure the safety of the vehicle and personnel in an emergency state


Pressure discharge system

Through the pressure drainage system, the waste water in the waste tank that does not need to be transported can be discharged back to the sewer pipeline on site, without the need for vehicles to go back and forth, so as to improve the operation efficiency

Optional features

Four stage sewage recycling system

Sewage and water can be separated on site and filtered for high-pressure dredging, cleaning and reuse

Sludge pressing and dewatering system

The separated sludge can be pressed and dehydrated to further reduce the water content and volume of sludge and sewage and reduce waste discharge.

Horizontal unloading system

The discharging speed is faster and more thorough, and the dirt can be cleaned out without lifting the can body.

Digital operating system

The special 10 inch display, programmable controller and can bus control technology are used to digitally display various signal parameters of the whole vehicle, and realize the functions of automatic fault diagnosis, automatic alarm and automatic cut-off.

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