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Gd700 series self loading garbage truck
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product details

Product Name: gd700 series self loading garbage truck
Main purpose and characteristics of vehicle
The vehicles are mainly used for municipal drainage, sanitation, factories, mines, enterprises and institutions to clean up the sludge of rainwater wells and sewage wells, collect and transport domestic garbage.
The whole vehicle adopts double row cab design, which can seat more operators. The whole vehicle has the characteristics of high transport efficiency, beautiful appearance, energy saving, environmental protection, etc.
The car body adopts lightweight design and large carrying capacity. The closed top cover of the car can realize the sealed transportation of garbage and effectively prevent the secondary pollution.
The hydraulic lifting and turning mechanism is used to complete the lifting, turning and dumping of the sludge bucket, realize the loading and unloading automation, and reduce the labor intensity of the operators. The car adopts the combination of oil cylinder push forward rod, the car body lifting is stable, and the dumping angle is large.
Short wheelbase: the vehicle is small in size, which can be used for the working condition or small area operation with narrow road.
Fashion design: the appearance of the whole car is handsome and Fengshang, humanization, visual detail design and other embodiment of originality. Adopt domestic chassis, with high cost performance and perfect after-sales service guarantee system.
Technical parameters of vehicle

entry name

main parameter


Vehicle name

Hydraulic Lifter Garbage truck

Vehicle family

Gd700 series

Chassis Model


Total mass kg


Wheelbase mm


Length × width × height mm



emission standard

Six China

Power kw


Model and fuel type

ZD30D16-6N、diesel oil

Lifting mechanism

Rated lifting mass kg


Maximum lifting mass kg


Sludge chamber

Sludge chamber volume M3


Maximum lifting angle


Lifting time s


Carriage landing time s


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