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Dr1800 series rescue vehicle
Main purpose and characteristics of vehicle
Dr1800 series rescue vehicles are mainly used for emergency rescue. At the same time, according to the needs of users, they are equipped with independent power sources such as electric power, hydraulic power, pneumatic power, etc., and can carry various rescue and repair equipment such as submersible pump, impact rammer, plasma cutting machine, electric welding machine, etc. for emergency rescue. They can be widely used in urban drainage, drought resistance, mine rescue, power supply, telecommunications, municipal administration, transportation Communication, road and bridge, earthquake disaster and other industries.
Meet the needs of emergency drainage and emergency rescue, and have the function of mobile emergency power supply.
The crane arm can be used to lift heavy objects such as submersible pump. The unique design of automatic reeling and unwinding of water hose can reduce the labor intensity of operators.
Environmental protection low noise quiet car, lined with sound insulation materials, with sound absorption, shock absorption, noise reduction and other effects.
The air inlet and exhaust outlets of the engine are silenced by adopting the front row air layout and the pull type box design to obtain the space capacity and effectively reduce the comfort of the operators. Flexible movement, fast deployment and withdrawal, few operators, strong adaptability, low labor intensity and fast emergency response
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product details
Technical parameters of vehicle

entry name

main parameter


Vehicle name

Rescue vehicle

Model series

Dr1800 series

Chassis Model




Total mass kg


External dimension mm


emission standard

Six China

Power kw


Generator Set

Power kw


Start mode

Soft start (optional)

Self priming sewage pump



Head M


Suction head M


Light submersible pump

Single flow m3 / h


On board crane

Maximum lifting capacity t


Extension length m


Boom chassis support system

Hydraulic support leg

Rotation angle

180 degrees

Automatic cloth belt (optional)

Installation position and length

Both sides can rotate automatically, 120 meters

Optional packaging

Hydraulic power station

Slurry pump, cutting saw, pick drill, core drill, welding machine

High pole lamp

Remote control lifting, 360 degree rotation, front and rear pitching, etc.

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