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Vt2500 series suction vehicle
Vehicle use and characteristics
The truck is mainly used for the suction, transportation, loading and unloading of sewage and sludge from various kinds of underground sewage pipes, rainwater wells and inspection wells. It can also be used for the suction, transportation of mud, sewage, industrial waste oil and wastewater from large-scale factories and mining enterprises, such as petroleum and petrochemical units, and the dredging and drainage of small river channels.
The sewage in the tank is separated and filtered by the mud water separation and sewage reverse drainage system of the vehicle, and then discharged back to the underground pipeline, and the materials can also be sent to a certain height of material bin.
The hydraulic rotary telescopic boom can realize horizontal expansion, up and down lifting, left and right rotation, and improve the adaptability of the vehicle to the working environment.
Select famous brand vacuum pump, with large exhaust volume, low noise and high vacuum degree. The suction distance should be more than 50m and the suction distance can be more than 12m.
The single roof front lifting and unloading system is adopted, with low center of gravity and high safety.
Hydraulic open back cover, high degree of automation, can reduce the labor intensity and danger of operators.
The vehicle is equipped with domestic chassis, with high cost performance and perfect after-sales service guarantee system.
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product details
Technical parameters of vehicle

entry name

main parameter

Complete vehicle

Vehicle name

Sewage suction truck

Model series

Vt2500 series

Chassis Model


Wheelbase mm


Total mass kg


External dimension mm



emission standard

Six China

Power kw


Fuel type

diesel oil

Sludge tank

Tank volume M3



Vacuum degree bar


Air flowm3/min


Suction time min


Suction head M


Slurry separation system

Separation of mud and water

The mud and water can be separated from the site, and the vehicles do not need to go back and forth

Remote control boom (American boom can be selected)


Remote control operation within 50m, including suction and other functions

Emergency safety protection

The emergency safety protection switch is installed on the vehicle operation panel to ensure the safety of the vehicle and personnel in an emergency state

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