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Xianglong special vehicle participated in 2019 Xi'an International Environmental Protection Industry Expo

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On November 6, 2019, the fifth Xi'an International Environmental Protection Industry Expo opened in Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Huaian Xianglong Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the Expo with the honor of new models.
One belt, one road policy was introduced by the chairman to display new technologies, new equipment and solutions in the central and western regions, including sewage treatment, municipal sanitation, ecological restoration, environmental monitoring, etc., and the Xi'an International Environmental Protection Industry Summit Forum was also held in the same period. There are 129 exhibitors from all regions participating in this exhibition. Huaian Xianglong Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. is one of the outstanding enterprises specialized in high-end municipal maintenance, emergency drainage and emergency rescue, environmental protection, environmental sanitation and other special vehicle manufacturing industries. It has made a wonderful appearance in booth T41 of hall B3.
This Xianglong special vehicle shows jt1600 dredge cleaning vehicle series products, which become a highlight of the exhibition with modern design concept and professional performance in domestic similar products! The booth attracted many customers to visit and exchange. Through careful and professional explanations, our exhibitors let our customers deeply understand that Xianglong special vehicle has been constantly optimizing and improving in combination with different pipe network conditions and personalized needs in various regions, so as to lead the development trend of domestic municipal maintenance vehicles, win the recognition of our services from new and old customers, and favor our products.
Through this exhibition, the professional image of "industry leader" of Xianglong special vehicle company is displayed. We will be determined to take in, continue to innovate, and provide customers with high-quality, efficient and personalized services!



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