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Group construction and expansion activities of Xianglong company have been successfully completed in 2020

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With the bell of new year's day passing, at the beginning of the new year, in order to improve the team spirit and cooperation ability of employees, Xianglong company carried out a group building activity centering on the enterprise spirit of "unity, hard work and ingenuity". Group building activities can enhance mutual understanding, mutual tolerance and trust among employees, increase cohesion among employees, so as to close the relationship between team members and make everyone form a closer group.
On January 4, the team building expansion activity started in the enthusiasm of the team members. In order to further enhance the communication among the employees, the employees broke the departmental restrictions and formed two teams. In the later challenging and interesting activities, the scene was full of laughter and laughter, and the cooperation of each group showed the efficient execution and team cooperation spirit.
Although the activity time passed quickly, the tense and joyful atmosphere lingered in the hearts of every colleague. While everyone was still in the mood, it also made every employee have a deeper understanding of the sense of honor, team and responsibility. As a member of the company, only if they are concentrated, enterprising and dare to take responsibility, can they make greater contributions and actions in promoting the company's career development.

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