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In March, the world is full of sunshine

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——Xianglong company's "March 8 women's Day"
In March, everything is new. We often say that the cold winter will pass, and the warm sun of spring will come. Just as the "war epidemic" has reached the final decisive stage, it also ushers in the 110th International Women's day on March 8, 2020.
At present, the return to work of Xianglong Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. has been carried out in an orderly and comprehensive manner. As a "half sky" company female employee, they are playing an important role. In special periods, they do well in self-protection, and at the same time, they are committed to their duties, and work with other colleagues of the company to steadily promote the work of the company. In order to let these "sonorous roses" have a happy holiday, create a healthy, harmonious and positive holiday atmosphere, and enhance their enthusiasm for working in the factory, the administration department, on behalf of the company, paid a high tribute to each goddess fighting in the post, and sent sincere blessings and holiday condolences. Leaders of the company encourage everyone to continue to carry forward the trend of "women are not allowed to be men", with a high sense of responsibility and dedication, we can always use our intelligence and sweat in the post to show the company's "half sky" demeanor, and compose a new chapter of Xianglong company tomorrow!
Since the establishment of the company, in line with the business tenet of people-oriented, we care about the life and development of every employee. No matter when it comes to legal holidays or personal birthdays of employees, the company always sends warm blessings and close sympathy. Show the respect and warmth of Xianglong family, effectively promote the communication and mutual assistance between colleagues, so that every employee can deeply feel the joy and happiness of the working atmosphere. We will devote ourselves to our work with more enthusiasm and continue to create better products and services for our customers.


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