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A new starting point and a bright future

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On January 21, all employees of the company gathered together to hold the end of 2019 summary and 2020 New Year's Party of Huaian Xianglong company with the theme of "a new starting point and a bright future", to review the past and imagine the future!
In the past year, is the company harvest full, fruitful year! It is a milestone year for the development of the company! With "new" and "change" as the main axis throughout, the company has realized "Phoenix Nirvana" with rapid changes!
In July 2019, the company moved to a new location, and the production qualification of special vehicles was approved, laying a solid foundation for the long-term and stable development of the company! Digital three-dimensional storage system, digital processing center, new environmental protection coating line, three-dimensional flexible platform and other new equipment are put into use to provide customers with high-quality products and high-standard services, but also provide a solid hardware foundation for the company's sustainable development! The improvement and R & D innovation of sewage recycling system, new suction and pressure delivery (suction and discharge) system, new high-pressure dredging system and many other vehicle systems have made the vehicle performance and stability leap! A group of new people continue to join and show, bring fresh blood for the company's development, but also let the company full of vitality and vitality! Good idea, visual management, 6S, water spider, OPL and other lean production concept implementation and implementation, make the company's management level and efficiency have been greatly improved! The refining of corporate vision, corporate spirit, corporate philosophy, the interpretation of trademark logo, colorful group construction activities, through the introduction, dispatch and other multi-mode full learning, multi-level corporate culture construction and learning organization have been initially established, which has injected surging and inexhaustible source power into the development of the company! The management personnel shall be re employed regularly to set up a sense of crisis. If they fail to do well, they may be "PK", and "change" will become the normal and theme of the company "forever"!
At the award ceremony, general manager Li Junchao, on behalf of the company, commended the United collectives, outstanding individuals, hard-working new people, special contributions, and winners of the skill competition emerging in 2019, praised them for their unrepentant and devoted dedication, praised them for being pioneers of development, praised them for being models of dedication to their duties, and even more, we all learned from them. The company expresses its thanks to all the employees who have made great efforts and contributions. It is wonderful because of you and brilliant because of you!
To build corporate culture and give full play to the leading role of the party organization in enterprise management, and to realize the common development of the enterprise and employees, President Li, on behalf of the company, announced the establishment of the Party branch and labor union of the company. Then Zhao Jianye, Secretary of the Party branch, led all Party members of the company to review and read out the oath of joining the party on the spot. Hu Guolong, the newly elected chairman of the trade union, made a speech on behalf of the trade union. Then the entertainment project of the party began, with melodious singing and spontaneous choreography of the staff, and with abundant delicacies, everyone toasted and invited each other, and the successive drawing of awards and sending of red envelopes pushed the atmosphere of the party to the climax, and laughter filled everyone's face.
New starting point, new journey! Looking forward to 2020, facing the continuous development and change of the market, the company will adhere to the "customer-centered", strengthen the internal systematic, procedural and professional construction of the company, accelerate the pace of new product research and development, improve production efficiency, and further improve customer service experience! All the staff of Huaian Xianglong company will stand at a new starting point, follow the dream with the enterprise spirit of "unity and ingenuity", bloom youth and future, seize the day and night, never lose the time!

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